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free fax number
Get your own free fax number to receive faxes.
You can now receive your faxes in your email inbox. So receive your faxes anywhere where you can download email. No registration fees. Save on fax paper, toner and free up another telephone line.

Click here to get your free fax to email account NOW!

Why your own web site?

The internet make your company profile, your products and your contact details available to the WHOLE world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days per year.

This will give you the advantage over your competitor who do not have a web site yet. Your web site will also portray a more professional look of your business. You can save thousands on advertising costs, it is easier to update your web site than thousands of already printed brochures. It is also easier for people to remember a web site name than a telephone number.

In order to get your presence on the web you do not always need a big expensive flashy web site. Some businesses do not need much more than two or three pages which shows who you are, what you do and what your product looks like.

There is a general myth in the industry that getting your own web site is expensive. Getting your own web site might be the most cost effective tool you will have in your business. With a web site you can save thousands on printing and advertising costs because you can refer clients to your web site. Web sites are also easier to update than the 100 000 new catalogues you just printed.

We create new web site from as little as R350 per page. So, if you have a main page, a "contact us" page and a product page you can have a web site for a once off R1300.00 and R60 monthly.

We will analyze your needs and give you a quote for the size of site YOU need, not the size of site our budget needs.