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I work from home and I only use the Internet to do so.
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How to earn an extra income on the Internet
Stop reading all the Internation hype about earning an income on the Internet. I am earning a good income on the Internet and I am doing it all from right here in South Africa. My eBook will show you different ways you can use to earn an ongoing Passive Income. Visit www.passive-income.co.za today for more information.

Be Motivated Today
This new South African company just launched in October 2008. They empower you to become all that you can be through videos and e-books on major success principles. Plus, they have created an automated system to create wealth for you, 24/7, with unique concepts that halve the time to create an excellent passive income. They pay out more in commissions and incentives than any other company in the world. Enjoy a FREE trial of their products and services as well as a FREE course to show how you can create wealth faster with their system.

Earn without selling anything
"Discover The 'Street-Smart' Secrets I Use Online To Make $33,000 A Month...(Sometimes More)...Working Less Than 30 Minutes A Week You Don't Need A Web Site. You Don't Even Need A Product Of Your Own (Most Internet Marketers Don't Have A Clue How To Do This)"

Sometimes you have to give back in order to receive. U-Care is a unique concept where all the members contribute to various charities on a monthly basis. Members can also recruit new members and get paid a monthly commission on all new recruits. This is one of the most lucrative businesses in South Africa at the moment. Have a look at www.earnextra.co.za/ucare for more information

Work from home
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