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Universities in South Africa

Looking for a university in South Africa?

Below are links to most of the universities in South Africa

MBA by University of Pretoria
In keeping with the primary goal of any traditional business school, the mission of the GSM is education in business management and leadership. The overriding business objective, used and taught throughout our programmes, is that of long-term profitability and sustainability.

Now also known as "The University of Johannesburg" An internationally recognized South African University, situated in Johannesburg and expanding academic and technological knowledge

Rhodes University
Rhodes University owes its unique character among South African universities to a combination of historical, geographical, cultural and architectural factors. Its history is a chronicle of those whose intellect, vision and courage created and sustained a university that recently celebrated its Centenary and is growing from strength to strength each year.

Study at Unisa. The myUnisa learning management system has been developed to improve communication between Unisa and students. This includes adding online components to enhance learning and teaching by distance.

University of Natal
The University of KwaZulu-Natal aims to be a truly South African university that reflects the society in which it is situated not only in terms of race, gender and class but in terms of how it structures its values and priorities and how it responds to social needs.

University of Port Elizabeth
One of these days you will have no clue where you are in South Africa. I am sure with the money spend on name changes we could have bought each and every person in this country a home. Anyway, the University of Port Elizabeth is now called "Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University" but you still get it at the UPE domain.

University of Pretoria (Tukkies)
University of Pretoria

The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

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