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Tax - SARS

The taxman will get you, pay your dues.
Find links to SARS, eFiling and people who can help you with your dreaded tax bill below.

Internal Auditor Tax Consultant The Difference Apply Have you an Internal Auditor?

Rall Business consultancy
With my extensive experience of more than 15 years as a Tax Practitioner and two years as a Tax Auditor at SARS, I have the experience, knowledge and know-how on how I can help you to save on your tax bill.

South African Revenue Service - SARS official web site

SARS eFiling
eFiling is a secure electronic tax return and submission service offered by SARS that removes the risks and hassles of manual tax returns. Not only can you submit your returns via the Internet, but you can also make secure tax payments online.

South African Tax Guide
This book will teach you where you can save on tax the legal way.

Tax Relax
Tax Relax is South Africa's premier tax and accounting company established in 1997. You wouldn't gamble with your health or your wealth, so why risk everything when it comes to your tax affairs? So if you want to relax about your tax, get TAX RELAX today.

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