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Social Bookmarking

Use social bookmarking web site to bookmark the web sites you frequently use.

You can also share your bookmarks with others.

Easily Save Your Links for Later Get Started in 30 seconds. Over 450,000 users! Never Lose a Cool Web Page Again Easily view your links from any computer and save a copy offline. Find Any of Your Links in 0.18 Seconds or Faster Links are automatically organized and searched faster than Google. Easily Share Your Links with Others While browsing, you can save and share links in one click.

Don't just bookmark! Highlight the web! Add sticky notes too! Access and search your findings from any PC or iPhone! Create groups to pool resources for specific projects.

Google Bookmarks
With Bookmarks, you'll be able to: Save time with quick links to your favorite websites, Use Web History to find the sites you visit frequently and bookmark your favorites. Use the Google Toolbar for quick access to your bookmarks and to easily create more. Get your bookmarks on any computer. No matter where you may be surfing the web, your bookmarks can stay with you just by signing in. Keep your bookmarks organized. Add searchable labels and notes to your bookmarks to find them easily and keep them organized.


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