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Send SMS from your PC

Sending SMSes from your mobile is not only time consuming and a huge frustration,
it is also very expensive. Try the sites below to send bulk SMSes to you clients. It is much cheaper
and easier.

Send cheap sms from your pc. You download the application to your pc in order to manage your groups off-line. Then connect to the internet and send all your smses at a fraction of the cost.

Besides being the hottest marketing and communication tool available today, SMS messaging will * save you up to 80% of your telecommunication costs * provide you and your customers a personal two-way communication channel * save you thousands of Rands on unnecessary phone calls * dramatically increase your customer service ratings SMS Messaging, from the comfort of your PC, using your existing Internet connection, is a powerful tool that will give you the edge over your competition, while saving you valuable time and money!

Bulk SMS
BulkSMS.com is a leading wireless application service provider offering two-way SMS messaging services. BulkSMS.com was one of the first commercial web based SMS messaging platforms to be launched globally. The company was launched in 2000 and is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mig 33 Mobile chat
Looking for a better way to stay in touch with friends? Get mig33 on your mobile today!Great rates for making calls wherever you are in the world. Flexible, cheap international calls using SMS callback and throwback.

An extremely cheap alternative to sms. With MXiT you can chat to friends at about one cent per sms. Play games, connect to ICQ and MSN. Possibilities are endless.

SMS Portal
SMSPortal offers our customers access to a secure, dependable, high capacity messaging platform. This web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features.

send bulk sms from your pc

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