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So you want to trade shares?
Before you do so, first read the book "The Warren Buffet Way" By Robert Hagstrom
so that you can learn what to look for in a company you are about to invest it.
This buy low sell high thing you heard about is not as easy as the guys who are selling
the software would like you to believe. But if you have the ideal trader personality you can make some
big bucks, if you do not try you will nether know.

Investec Securities Online makes investing simpler and more convenient.

Market Web
Register for a free online share trading course today.

PSG share course
Learn how to trade on the JSE

PSG Stock Picker
Get tips and advice on which shares to buy. Try it for one month free.

Online share broker. Open an free trial account today. Get live price quotes.

Sharenet online trading
Sharenet delivers a wide range of investment and share price information through the site and operates its own highly sophisticated proprietary developed online trading infrastructure.

Standard Bank online share trading
Now you can trade shares online with Standard Bank. You can register for a one month free trial. Once registered you can also enroll for one of their many share trading courses.

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