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Property Investments South Africa

Do you have a retirement plan?
If not, property investments is one of the best plans you can have
if you do it correctly. You can follow the advice of the guys below, but hey
when it comes to money be careful. Read my eBook on how we lost a million
in scrupulous property investment deals.

How we made (and lost) a million in Property
In this eBook I share our real estate stories and lessons of the past 16 years. I do not only tell you about the success we had, in fact I think I talk more about the mistakes we made than the success we had. I told you how we bought 11 properties during the past 16 years and how we made a million from our properties in 3 years time and how we lost it within 6 months.

eLan investor group
The eLan Group is a dynamic group committed to developing strategically located and economically viable property and eco-tourism developments and investments in South Africa.

Gordon MacKay
These Wealth Creating Tips & Lessons are short to the point and will work for you. These are the exact methods I use to create wealth. Everything has been tried, tested and works.

Hannes Dreyer
Well known property investment tutor, Dr Hannes Dreyer will teach you how to build a long lasting profitable property portfolio.

Old Mutual Property Investments
We strive to give real estate its rightful place as a respected asset class, offering a wide range of real estate investment solutions that deliver reliable, predictable, growing income streams. Investments range from unitised specialist portfolios appealing to those who seek access to the most prestigious commercial properties in SA, to other property-focused investments that offer socially responsible credentials.

P3 Investment Group
At P3 we are changing the way people think and plan for retirement. We are challenging the notion that investment in stock market related instruments, are adequate for carefree retirement. Experience shows the opposite.

Personal Finance
Personal Finance offers you reliable and interesting information - in plain language - on all aspects of growing your money and financial planning, from unit trusts and shares to retirement annuities and short-term insurance, from starting and running your own business to taxation.

Pre-Paid Electricity Meters
Prepaid Meters.co.za offers state of the art, all-in-one solution for PrePaid Electricity and Water Metering and Prepaid Meter Vending. One of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use prepaid electricity & water meters solution on the market today. Ideal for Body Corporates, Property Investors, Landlords and Letting Agents. Suitable for installation in Granny Flats, Individual Rented Units, Shops, Stores and Sporting Facilities. Our prepaid meters are completely managed using SMS and Web technology to ensure nationwide and international 24/7 service.

Property Investor Network
With over 5,000 members experienced and novice property investors, Property Investor Network is the largest South African online community of property investors.

Real Estate Investor Magazine
The Real Estate Investor Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine designed for the real estate investor. http://www.realestateinvestormag.co.za

Redefine Properties
Redefine Income Fund Limited is a property loan stock (PLS) company which listed on the JSE Limited (JSE) in the Financial Services sector on 23 February 2000. At 31 August 2009, the company was the second largest listed PLS company in South Africa, with a market capitalisation of R19,4 billion. The company offers investors a diversified portfolio of 403 properties valued at R18,2 billion and a R2,8 billion portfolio of South African and international listed investments. Redefine is internally managed by a proven team of entrepreneurial and experienced property and financial professionals who are committed to achieving sustained growth in distributions for unitholders.

Rian Maartens shares property investment tips.

Coert Coetzee developed and refined a system to manage and plan his property portfolio. He shares this information with investors in his seminars and help them to achieve mind boggling results

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