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Off road Trailers

Here is a list of Offroad trailer manufacturers in South Africa:


Bantam Trailers
We design and manufacture custom trailers since the 1960's. If you are looking for a trailer that is custom made to fit your needs - we are the people that can make your plan a reality. Visit our web site to see our variety of trailers

Build your own off-road trailer
See how you can build your own off-road trailer.

Bundu Trailers
The Bundu Trailer has been uniquely designed to offer you home comfort in the rustic trails of the African bush.

A wide selection of off-road trailers and off-road caravans

Desert Wolf
The Desert Wolf Family of all terrain trailers is available for sales to of-road enthusiasts all over the world. Especialy for off-road work a stainless steel trailer makes sense.

Echo 4x4
Some of the most robust offroad trailers. Roof top tents also available

Engelbrecht trailers
Strongly build SABS approved trailers. Custom build trailers available.

Gecko Offroad trailer
The Gecko is an easy accessible, compact offroad trailer with a load capacity that exceeds all expectations. Suitable for all your offroading and camping needs.

Desert Wolf off-road trailer

4x4 Accessories