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Medical Aid

Which Medical Aid should you choose?
I would suggest that you ask them to send you their plans so you can see what they cover,
how much they pay for what and use that info to make a decision.
Don't just go for the first big name you see, they do not always have the best plan.

Looking for the best medical aid?

The most popular medical schemes in South Africa:
Momentum Health
Cover the full spectrum of health care expenses, focus on consumer-directed care, their offering includes unique benefits, their Health Platform helps you to detect illnesses early and saves you money, they have a range of complementary products, efficient administration and a fast growing, sustainable scheme. Get an online quote from them today.

Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme
The Mission of BESTmed is to operate a non-profit mutual medical scheme in terms of the Medical Schemes Act in a financially responsible manner for the defrayal of its members....

Bonitas Medical Aid
With Bonitas, you have peace of mind that the fund will be able to pay your claims. Reserves are currently in excess of R1.6billion and Global Credit Rating has given Bonitas a healthy A+ rating. At 36% the solvency level far exceeds the statutory requirement as stipulated by the Registrar of Medical Schemes.....

Discovery Health
Discovery Health is on a continuous journey to improve our service delivery. At the heart of that journey lies a simple, but noble aspiration…being the best service organisation in the world.

When you choose Medihelp as your medical scheme, you share the peace of mind of more than 106 000 other members. Your peace of mind....

Medshield Medical Scheme offers you a range of excellent medical aid products to choose from. These products provides you with quality medical aid you can afford - helping you to shield yourself against the rising costs of healthcare.

Old Mutual Oxygen
Old Mutual Healthcare is in the business of providing the full range of administration and risk management services for Medical Schemes in Southern Africa.

POLMED Medical Scheme, a closed medical scheme registered under the Medical Schemes Act (Act 131 of 1998), is governed by a Board of Trustees, which decides on issues such as benefit structures, scheme rules and contribution rates in accordance with the Act. This ensures that POLMED's financial status remains healthy and that its healthcare administrator and risk management company complies with strict rules and maintains high service levels.

Protea Medical Aid
Where Personal Service is our priority, your name is the only reference we need, and all claims are guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours of receipt!

Resolution Health
Resolution Health is a registered open Medical Scheme which offers individuals and families quality, affordable medical cover options which incorporate real benefits and real rand-for-rand value. The traditional nature of the four Resolution Health cover options means that what you see is what you get with no hidden claims loopholes or benefit sacrifices. As a leader in the market, Resolution Health strives to provide excellent service to its members through innovative products and processes and advanced technology. http://www.resomed.co.za/

Our Medical Aid Scheme is aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals and selected companies, who require comprehensive medical aid cover and financial peace of mind regarding the payment of medical accounts.

At SPECTRAMED we understand that if we expect it from others, there is every good reason that they too, expect it from us.

We offer several International Medical Aid Insurances as well as South African medical schemes. To choose the right health insurance is not always easy.

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