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Julius Malema

This guy is getting too much attention, he is not worth it.
Seems like he is family of uncle Rob next door because he makes the same stupid remarks and loves communism, obviously to enrich himself even further, but he will nether tell his followers. Below are some links on this guy Julius.


Vervolg Malema
Die VF Plus EIS dat Malema sumier uit sy posisie verwyder word. Genoeg is genoeg! Dit spruit uit die strafregtelike klagte wat dr. Pieter Mulder verlede week by die Polisie teen Malema gelê het na aanleiding van sy haatspraak teen Boere. Dr. Mulder sal persoonlik die petisie aan Jacob Zuma oorhandig. Ons eis Malema se kop - hy blaas plaasmoorde aan en het duidelik geen intensie om 'n volksmoord in hieride land te verhoed nie! Teken asb. die petisie hier: http://www.vervolgmalema.co.za

50 new charges against Malema
The National Prosecuting Authority has brought 50 more charges against expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, it was reported on Sunday. The City Press reported that a copy of the latest indictment against Malema revealed that he would face multiple charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money-laundering. The Limpopo High Court heard at Malema's appearance on Friday that a charge of racketeering had been added to an initial charge of money-laundering against him. The case was postponed to April 23.

ANC confirms Malema charges: News24: South Africa: Politics
20 Apr 2010 - "The ANC has preferred charges against the ANC Youth League president comrade Julius Malema," said deputy secretary general Thandi Modise at a media briefing in Johannesburg.

ANC confirms Malema charges: News24: South Africa: Politics
20 Apr 2010 - "The ANC has preferred charges against the ANC Youth League president comrade Julius Malema," said deputy secretary general Thandi Modise at a media briefing in Johannesburg.

ANC shows 'lack of leadership'
The ANC's failure to rein in ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema points to "a serious lack of leadership" in the ruling party, which does not inspire hope in the future of South Africa, Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi said on Friday.

ANCYL leaders coining it - claim
Johannesgurg - ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leaders are using their political connections with senior government officials and the heads of state-owned enterprises to enrich themselves through the league’s growing business empire

ANCYL's 'laughable expedition'
In January 2007 when the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced his aggressive plans to nationalise every major industry in the country, global investors raced to sell off their Venezuelan stocks. President Chavez had singled out certain “strategic sectors” for nationalisation.

Cosatu: Time to discover the truth about Malema
"We call for an investigation by the ANC's committee on ethics and members' interests, the SA Revenue Service (Sars) and the Special Investigations Unit into the allegations," spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement. This came after AfriForum laid a corruption case against Malema on Sunday, after it was reported that he had a trust fund for deposits from business people. Sars should investigate possible tax evasion and undertake a lifestyle audit on Malema to "discover the truth" about his financial affairs, Craven said.

Hawks ask for Malema records in trust fund probe
The Sunday Times has established that the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations has approached banks and cellphone companies to request the youth leader's records. This is part of the preliminary investigation, handled by Hawks commercial crime head Hans Meiring, to determine whether Malema has a case to answer. Hawks spokesman McIntosh Polela would not comment on whether the unit had requested Malema's banking and cellphone records. He said: "We are still trying to obtain information which will help us determine whether or not to continue with the investigation." The ANC seems to be digging its heels in on calls by alliance partner Cosatu for the ruling party's ethics committee to probe the allegations against Malema.

How Julius Malema pulls tender strings
Julius Malema is doling out state tenders to his pals through a company that is part-owned by his family trust. The Ratanang Family Trust, founded by Malema, the ANC Youth League leader, holds shares in On-Point Engineering, which administers a large part of the multibillion-rand budget of Limpopo's roads and transport department. This means that Malema has at least indirect influence over who is awarded tenders from a three-year budget allocation of reportedly R4.6-billion -- although he, On-Point and the department deny it.

Is Malema really just a poor man?
Julius Malema says that his money, his business interests and his new property in Sandton – being built for a reputed R16m – are “none of anybody’s business” because he is not a public representative.

Juju rants at illiterate and uneducated media
Julius Malema has come out of his shell to say "illiterate and uneducated" journalists could not reach the standards of the ANC Youth League . The league president was speaking publicly for the first time since last week's City Press report in which it was alleged that a businessman had paid money into his trust fund after securing government tenders. The newspaper report intimated that Malema used the trust fund to bankroll his lavish lifestyle.....

Julias Malema on ZA News
Julias Malema features on various of ZA News' shows. See http://www.zanews.co.za/

Julius Malema Facebook profile
Get Julius Malema's facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Julius-Malema/34481761696

Julius Malema in the news
News articles about the statements Julius Malema makes

Julius Malema matric results
How much did Julius Malema score in Matric? See the results at

Julius Malema Nando's advert
See the Julius Malema Nando's advert at

Julius Malema School report
See how Julius Scored in Matric at

Malema kicks out BBC journalist
Johannesburg - A journalist at an ANC Youth League media briefing was called a "bastard" and an "agent" by its president Julius Malema on Thursday.

Malema linked to dirty firm
Eleftheriades’s Medicare Process Technologies and Malema’s Blue Nightingale Trading 61 are partners in Tshumisano Waste Management, a consortium that won a lucrative ­contract for the removal and treatment of medical waste from Limpopo’s ­hospitals and clinics. Blue Nightingale, of which Malema is the sole director, owns a 3% stake in Tshumisano. Malema yesterday denied that he was Eleftheriades’s business partner, saying he did not even know who ­Thermopower or Medicare Process Technologies were.

Malema linked to R250m mining deal
Johannesburg - The most vocal proponent of the nationalisation of South Africa's mines, the leader of the ruling party's youth wing, Julius Malema, is linked to a R250m mining deal that involves politically connected individuals at the expense of impoverished communities, the country's Sunday Times reported.

Malema no-show at Equality Court
Julius Malema did not appear at the Equality Court on January 19 in a hate-speech case lodged by AfriForum, where a judge ordered the ANCYL president to file necessary papers within three days. AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel spoke to the M&G following the court's ruling.

Malema pulls out race card again
"They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives," Malema said. "... They do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed."

Malema se R2 miljoen kontant
Mnr. Julius Malema, leier van die ANC-jeugliga, het R2 miljoen van die koopprys van sy spoghuis in Sandton in harde kontant betaal en skaars drie jaar later is daar net ’n gat in die grond van oor. Malema het die huis laat sloop en beplan om ’n huis daar te bou wat miljoene rande méér kos. Die kontant wat hy vir die oorspronklike huis betaal het laat verdere vrae ontstaan oor hoe hy sy swierbol-leefstyl finansier. Die huis het R3,6 miljoen gekos. Mnr. Ken Hollingsworth, die vorige eienaar, het in ’n eksklusiewe onderhoud met Rapport se susterkoerant City Press onthul Malema het: * Eers die huis teen R18 000 per maand gehuur en die huurgeld ’n jaar vooruit betaal; * ’n kontantdeposito van R360 000 betaal; en * die uitstaande bedrag van meer as R1,7 miljoen op die huis van R3,6 miljoen, nadat ’n Absa-verband van R1,5 miljoen uitbetaal is, is in “twee of drie” kontantdeposito’s in sy rekening betaal.

Malema to crush dissent
ANC Youth League president Julius Malema plans to amend the organisation’s constitution to get rid of his rivals after a national general council scheduled for August 24. Malema – who has faced stern opposition from the ANCYL in Eastern Cape, Limpopo, North West, and parts of the Free State and Mpumalanga – will propose that all members who take the organisation to court to deal with internal matters be ­automatically expelled.

Malema wrecks ANCYL
ANC Youth League president ­Julius Malema is facing an unprecedented revolt from his own organisation, just days ahead of its national general council (NGC). Leadership structures in three provinces have been disbanded; the Congress of SA Students (Cosas) – which Malema used to lead – has turned on him; and his former allies in two provinces are taking the ANCYL to court over leadership succession disputes.

Malema: Presidency of controversy
November 1 2009 Malema is alleged to have taken traffic officers in Limpopo to task after they stopped him for allegedly speeding in his Range Rover. Malema apparently asked the officers: "Who do you think you are? Are you not aware that I am Julius, the president of the youth league? I know that some of you hate me." November 7 2009 Malema is granted around-the-clock VIP protection by the ministry of police after they conducted a report revealing that his life could be in danger. Opposition parties and civil rights groups slammed the move as an abuse of state resources. December 13 2009 Malema labels members of the South African Communist Party (SACP) as "greedy yellow communists" after the national executive committee member Billy Masetlha were booed at a recent SACP conference in Polokwane.....

No Malema charges yet - ANC
Johannesburg - Charges have not yet been formulated against the ANC Youth League or its president Julius Malema, ANC deputy secretary general Thandi Modise said on Tuesday.

No Malema charges yet - ANC
Charges have not yet been formulated against the ANC Youth League or its president Julius Malema, ANC deputy secretary general Thandi Modise said on Tuesday. At a media briefing in Johannesburg, she said the "matter was on the table" and it was being looked at internally by the ANC.

Poor, misunderstood Comrade Julius
Some might think that Comrade Julius has missed a trick by not wanting the media nationalised too, but he probably thinks the problems here will solve themselves in the long run. After all, if journalists are really sleeping with politicians they have a good chance of infecting themselves with Aids and destroying themselves in due course. In any event, as any good politician knows, one always needs an enemy to blame for all manner of things in order to deflect criticism from oneself. In addition, even some ANC politicians might experience some withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly could no longer enjoy those free lunches and drinks, not to mention those occasional brown envelopes that our comrade has mentioned.

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Julius Malema