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Capital Investments South Africa

Do you have money to invest?
Below are some investing companies to look at.
Remember to always to your homework properly, there are many crooks out there.

Inspired Evolution
Leading cleantech investments - a new generation of profitability where people and the environment matter Inspired Evolution Investment Management (Inspired Evolution) is positioned to lead cleantech investments in southern Africa - taking first mover advantage in emerging clean technology and environmental markets.

Investment Network
The South African Investment Network is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs seeking business funding with angel investors looking for investment opportunities. Join now and become a part of the world's largest online angel investment community.

SA Gold Coin Exchange
The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) has been a household name in the coin industry in South Africa for over 35 years with Alan Demby as the current chairman. We are currently the largest distributor of gold investment, bullion, collectable coins and numismatic coins in South Africa and have been trading since 1972.


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