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Traditional medicines are the best to use.
All the modern chemical medicines will kill you.
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Ginseng information web site
Learn more about Korean Ginseng by reading the articles on our web site. Everybody can take ginseng and benefit from its healing and energizing properties.

South African Ginseng web site. Learn more about Korean Ginseng by browsing through our vast resource centre. Who should take Korean Ginseng? Everybody can take ginseng and benefit from its healing and energizing properties. In particular, sports people, executives, learners, the elderly...

Glyconutrients - What the experts say
Our bodies are able to convert the sugars in foods (such as fruits and vegetables) from one form to the other forms as needed. There is no evidence that toxins, stress, drugs, or other factors interfere with the conversion process, as the marketers of glyconutrients claim.......

Guide to healing oils - Herbal & Natural Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies
The A-Z of homepathic remedies. Find the correct remedy here.

Mother Nature
Find anything you need om improving your health the natural way. This is my No1 resource. Find information on vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, diet, fitness, body, etc, etc

The Natural News
Another handy web site on natural supplements, nutrients, healing, etc

Herbal remedies

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