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Power Generators and UPS

Does your business need a power generator?

You will nether know if Eskom will take you through the winter.
Find power generators and UPSes on the web sites listed below.

Power Boxes
Automatic Emergengy Power for 8 Hours. Ideal For PC's, Servers, TV's, VCR's, etc. Seamless Switchover When Power Fails. Powerboxes are perfectly suited for your home and office. No noise, automatic switch over to back-up power for your PC's, TV, DVD, Printer, P.O.S., emergency lamp etc.

Power Generators - Gennies.co.za
Are you left in the dark or cheesed off with Eskom. Are you making huge losses in your business due to power failures? Find a generator to suits your need.

Bundu power generators
The best looking quiet power generator around.

Caterpillar industrial back-up generators - Customized Systems covering a broad range of generators, together with ancillary switch and control gear. The solutions to this market sector includes, installation and commissioning services and the full range of customer support services.

Jetman delivers generators anywhere in South Africa

4x4 Accessories