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Is FIFA Corrupt and a bulley?

Read the articles below and decide for yourself whether FIFA is a corrupt orginization or not.

If you want to know how corrupt FIFA really is, I suggest you read the book titled "FOUL" by Andrew Jennings, Click here to get it

Corruption during 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer
Read all about the tender fraud, corruption and everything else going on during the FIFA 2010 world cup.

FIFA lied about bed needs
FIFA's accommodation agent, Match, relinquished more than 450 000 of the bed nights it initially reserved for local hotels and guest houses this year. "Initially, I think FIFA created a hype through the expectation that half a million tourists would be coming to SA," said Seeff Properties chairperson Samuel Seeff. "The global financial crisis and the airlines pushing their prices up also frightened people away."

Transparency in sport
Lots of articles about FIFA and how corrupt they are

Blatter & Havelange named in Swiss bribes trial
Their biggest and best contract was the marketing and television rights to the World Cup in 2002 and again in 2006. It cost them $1.2 billion to buy from FIFA but they could sell for lots more – and take 25% commissions on the way. How could such fantastically clever business whizzes go wrong? Where did the money go? By the end of today we should be getting some clues. The square courtroom is the first surprise. It could be a conference room for salesmen in a no-frills business motel. At best it’s down-market Swedish, designed by the guy who trucked in the ready-mix. No podium, all of us on one level. And that’s hardwearing, composite flooring. The tall, lithe and quite lovely figure of 41-year-old blonde Presiding Judge Ziegler in her dark pant-suit (‘I’m Carole, spelled like the French,’ she purrs to me in a coffee break) sits flanked by her two middle-aged male colleagues at a table against the back wall.

Blatter’s ploy to dump shamed Warner
Artfully rubbing salt in Warner’s wounds, Blatter issued a fulsome statement of support for the man known to football fans as Jakula. ‘For Jack Austin Warner and Joseph S. Blatter to be separated,’ the President declaimed, ‘It would require more than an iceberg, a volcano or an earthquake . . . it would need a miracle for that to happen! But since all miracles have been proven to be positive, that won't happen either.’

FIFA misled detectives,
must pay court costs
A SWISS court has ruled that footballs’ world governing body FIFA misled detectives investigating the disappearance of £45 million paid for World Cup television rights.
FIFA misled detectives,
must pay court costs

Fifa World Cup: bad for human rights?
We did not realise that Fifa was a rather shadowy body with authoritarian tendencies. We did not realise then that the Fifa fat-cat executives cared little about South Africa and its people and very much about making obscene profits while placing impossible demands on the host country. Fifa demanded that the Cape Town soccer stadium be built in Greenpoint and not where it was needed in Athlone because it would look good on TV – and the city jumped. Fifa demanded that host cities do something about “the homeless problem” – and once again the host cities jumped, embarking on probably illegal action to intimidate the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society and arresting and intimidating the homeless.

FIFA’s 10 Commandments: Does Sepp Blatter honour them?
In turn hilarious and deadly serious, from the Pulpit to the Confessional, Andrew Jennings highlights the issues facing FIFA on the eve of the World Cup in South Africa. On its website FIFA lays out its values. But does it live up to them?

How FIFA desperately woos the fans
All is not as FIFA wants us to believe. My friend with the large bag of tickets educates me. ‘They have not gone to fans and there hasn’t been any surge in sales. Why? Agents who paid the $30,000 fee to be authorised by FIFA also had to commit to buy thousands of tickets. ‘A lot of these two million tickets are still at the wholesale stage, gathering dust in our inventories. We just hope they can be retailed. By the way, can I interest you in Category 1 for England and Holland?’

Is FIFA an Organised Crime Family?
Player and Referee is an essential guide to understanding the murky world of World Cup tendering, construction, contract kickbacks, written by some of South Africa’s finest investigative reporters. And a contribution by Andrew Jennings delving into FIFA and Organised Crime.

Kick Racism out of Football – – and Racist Jack Warner as well
Warner’s typical response was ‘Go fuck yourself,’ then he clambered on the platform and really let rip. A local news team captured his poison and at last I had a copy. I asked a question about ethics. I got racist abuse. FIFA claims, ‘Racism has no place in football. FIFA is deploying all the means at its disposal to eliminate this form of discrimination.’ And there’s more: Racism is banned under Article 6 of FIFA’s Ethics code. Sepp Blatter, who relies on Warner’s guaranteed 35 regional votes at each FIFA congress, kindly makes an exception for his supporter. Watching the video again I remembered that a year later the loathsome Warner had the cheek to insult Scotland’s John McBeth as a ‘bigot’ and crowed - when England’s Geoff Thompson replaced him at FIFA’s high table - ‘Good has prevailed over evil.’ Later McBeth revealed to BBC Panorama that Warner had once tried to divert a $65,000 match fee for Scotland v Trinidad to his private account.

King Ludd Blatter
Refereeing errors are a part of the game's charm, believes Sepp Blatter, the senile old tyrant who runs football. Like a grumpy old grandfather in his second childhood, Sepp Blatter, president of the world governing body of football, rails against the newfangled evils of modern life. When inexperienced, ill-qualified football referees make blunder after shocking blunder, it gives fans ammunition for arguments, he believes, and this is part of the charm of the game.

SA Press takes issue over Fifa's bullying
It further argues that because of this monopoly, the media "effectively has no choice but to comply with Fifa's requirements concerning accreditation if they wish to attend and report on games, and if they wish to report on the event".

The Black Market Men
‘Blatter has given a virtual monopoly to the Byroms,’ I’m told, ‘If you are one of their agents you have to buy the hotel room, you have to buy the airline seat, you have to buy the ticket and then this year, because MATCH’s products are over-priced for what the market can bear, you have to file for bankruptcy!’ One says to me, angrily, ‘Where have you reporters been all these years? Why don’t you ever ask how this one family got all this business from FIFA? Another says, ‘Any event that doesn't have black market is a dead event. It means that no one gives a shit and that there is no demand for tickets.’

The Travel Agents’ Tales
‘MATCH Authorised Agents had to buy a certain number of tickets and they are just sitting on them,’ I am told. ‘Some of these are now coming to us from Chile, Argentina - you name it - and offering "all the tickets we need" - and for any game. ‘Prices are of course crazy, especially for the Final, because there are still "resellers" trying to make money, but the big question right now is how many bums they will get on seats.’

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