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Cochlear Implants

Does your child need a cochlear implant?

Find help at the sites below:

University of Pretoria
The University of Pretoria (Tukkies) is one of the leaders in the field of cochlear implants in South Africa. You can contact them for advice. They will be able to tell you where to get started and what to do next. Contact them at 012 420 2814. At the time of writing Dr Catherine van Dijk was the person to talk to.

What is a Cochlear implant
At Wikipedia they explain in detail what a cochlear implant is

Cochlear network
An online forum where you can get help and ask professionals about cochlear implants.

Cochlear online
An interactive online forum where you can ask questions and get help on cochlear implants.

An international cochlear directory and information centre

National Institute for the Death
National Institute for the Death Tel : +27 (0)23 342 0757

New hope for the deaf in SA
There’s new hope for the deaf community in South Africa following a batch of successful cochlear implant operations performed at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg. All these procedures, estimated to cost about R200 000 (US$ 25 000), have been fully funded by the state.

What is a cochlear implant?
Not all deaf children benefit from conventional hearing aids. Fortunately there is a solution for some profoundly deaf children or those with total sensori-neural hearing loss who are not able to gain sufficient auditory information to acquire verbal communication: a 22-channel cochlear implant.

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