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Broadband Internet connections 3G HSDPA or iBurst

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Before you get broadband, read this first
Broadband Internet is not a good as the big companies try to make it to be. Before you get a broadband Internet connection, read what other users have to say first.

iBurst run the most cost effective broadband internet connection in South Africa. Get mobile today. Your office can be anywhere where you have reception.

3G stands for 'third generation'. What you need to know is that this technology allows data to be transmitted more quickly and in greater quantities over cellular networks. Now it becomes feasible to use mobile phones to send and receive data-hungry applications, like live broadcasts, video clips, e-mails and so on. 3G can also be used to give laptops and personal digital assistants wireless mobility that allows you to send and receive e-mails and documents from wherever you are.

Sentech wireless internet

Vodacom 3G
The easy-to-use Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem is a small 3G HSDPA enabled, portable device which slots into the USB port of any desktop or laptop - you now only need one device for all your mobile internet access needs, irrespective of the type of PC you use.

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