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Bought a 4x4 vehicle and need support? Or would you like to know which 4x4 to buy?

Below are links to most popular 4x4 forums in South Africa

Hilux 4x4 Forum
Not only is the Toyota Hilux one of the best off-road vehicles ever created but Hilux4x4.co.za is also one of the best 4x4 forums in South Africa. Come and join in the fun. See what modifications you can do to your Hilux, how to rig your Hilux for overlanding or just meet the friendly Hilux owners. This is a clean family orientated 4x4 forum.

4x4 Community Forum
The 4x4 Community Forum caters for all makes of 4x4 vehicles.

Cederberg 4x4 Forum
Cederberg 4x4 forum. Orginized trips in the Cederberge

Hummer Forum
Hummer 4x4 forum on the 4x4 community web site

Isuzu Forum
A discussion forum for Isuzu owners to discuss their problems, tears and good times

Land Cruiser forum
Discussion forum for Toyota Land cruiser vehicles

Land Rover forum
Maybe because they are always breaking, this is one of the largest offroad forums.

Nissan 4x4
Discussions on Nissan 4x4 vehicles

Nissan Navara
Discussion forum for Nissan Navara and Nissan Pathfinder owners

VW Touareg
This virtual Club House is where everyone with an interest in the Touareg meets to share opinions, experiences, photos, knowledge and information on the greatest product to come off the VW production line. Fun filled events are also planned and information will be available soon.


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