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4x4 Vehicles

Looking for a 4x4 vehicle?

Below are links to most popular 4x4 vehicle manuafacturers in South Africa

Toyota Hilux
The Toyota Hilux is the most reliable and robust 4x4 vehicle ever built. Read more about this vehicle on www.hilux4x4.co.za

Toyota Land Cruiser 200
It is not exactly an oil painting but I guess there must be a reason why you are looking for the new Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Prado
The Toyota Prado to true freedom is a journey; where no terrain, condition or boundary can determine your destination. This is the road of the Land Cruiser Prado. A vehicle that encompasses luxury, driving enjoyment and unrestricted access to adventure beyond.

The monster of the 4x4 world.

Find a Jeep dealer near you.

Land Rover
Find information on the Discovery, Range Rover, Free Lander and Defender here.

Tough and cheap. Ideal for farming or construction. The Mahindra Scorpio is the refined version which is very comfortable and capable

Nissan Pathfinder
Rugged strength. Relentless, both on and off-road. In a shift away from the convention dividing SUVs into utilitarian trucks or luxury cruisers, Nissan has stretched the boundaries, combining highly engineered performance capabilities with premium equipment and authentic 4X4 good looks in a vehicle that lets you map your own destiny.

Nissan Patrol
This latest evolution of a 4x4 legend has a new look outside and in. While adding new levels of style and refinement to the journey, the new Patrol maintains its authentic heritage, and is as tough and unstoppable as ever. Distinctive styling. Rugged strength. Exceptional on and off-road agility. Transcending expectations. Pushing boundaries. Shifting horizons.

Nissan X-Trail
Out here, the opportunities seem endless. Now you can go where you want, when you want, with the Nissan X-TRAIL. The advanced, authentic SUV 4x4 that's equally at ease on or off-road.

Toyota Fortuner
If the Land Cruiser or Land Cruiser Prado is to big and heavy on fuel for you, the Fortuner offers you good value for money. It is very capable in the veld, powerful, reliable and comfortable.

Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-Up
The Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up is known to be a hard worker. Ideal for farming or other hard work.

Toyota RAV 4
A softy for the city slicker. Rather useless for extreme off-road conditions but a good all rounder.

VW Touareg
Named after a nomadic Saharan tribe, renowned for their resourcefulness and intelligence, the new Touareg is truly remarkable. Experience the fascinating 4x4 technology of a genuine off-roader, the unsurpassed comfort of a luxury saloon and the breathtaking looks of an elegant sports car. The VW Touareg 4x4 has it all and more.

Toyota Hilux 4x4

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4x4 Accessories